Pre-Order The Notorious MSG's "Lunch Money" EP at iTunes!

The original Chinatown bad boys are back! "Lunch Money" drops this Tuesday, April 3rd, but if you can't wait to get a piece of the action, pre-order it now at iTunes!

Get a taste of "Lunch Money" and prepare for the meal at notoriousmsg.com.

Dine with them on MySpace.

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HUMANWINE Featured In The Boston Phoenix!

The Phoenix, Boston's official arts and entertainment paper, has published a great article on HUMANWINE.  Check It Out.

Download HUMANWINE's new album, "Fighting Naked," exclusively at DownloadPunk.com.

"Fighting Naked" will be available at your favorite online store April 10th.

HUMANWINE's "Fighting Naked" Tour, featuring Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls) and Paul Dilley (Reverend Glasseye), is happening now! Check out their MySpace page for dates and venues.

www.humanwine.org - MySpace


The Jupiter One

Post-modern pop band Jupiter One release their first single, "Countdown," on April 3rd, and you can pre-order it at iTunes now!

Visit Jupiter One's MySpace page to listen to "Countdown" and "Wrong Line" and to stay up to date on upcoming shows.

BEFRIEND Jupiter One on MySpace.com

PRE-ORDER "Countdown" at iTunes


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HUMANWINE's "Fighting Naked" Album Pre-Sale On Downloadpunk.com

Download HUMANWINE's new album, "Fighting Naked," exclusively at Downloadpunk.com starting March, 27th.  And while you're downloading you'd better enter for a chance to win one of five posters signed by the HUMANAWINE crew:  Holly, M@, Brian VIglione (Dresden Dolls), & Paul Dilley (Reverend Glasseye)!

"Fighting Naked" will be available at your favorite online store April 21st.

HUMANWINE's "Fighting Naked" Tour begins next week! Check out their MySpace page for dates and venues.

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Director's "We Thrive On Big Cities" Release of the Week On Downloadpunk.com!

Director's "We Thrive On Big Cities" LP, only released in Ireland, is now available exclusively on Downloadpunk.com and is the Release of the Week. Check out the webstore to preview and download the album.

BUY "We Thrive On Big Cities" at Downloadpunk.com!

LISTEN to Director at MySpace!

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Die Mannequin and Jupiter One To Perfom March 29th In NYC!

Don't miss toronto's Die Mannequin and New York's Jupiter One!  Two amazing new Cordless artists at two clubs on the same night in New York's Lower East Side.

Start your night at Piano's (158 Ludlow) when DIE MANNEQUIN hits the stage at 7:30pm then walk around the corner to The Mercury Lounge (217 E. Houston St.) and catch Jupiter One on the stage at 8:45pm.

Listen to Die Mannequin's debut EP "How To Kill" here.

Stream both songs from Jupiter One's "Countdown" single, available April 3rd, and preview a few album tracks here.



SXSW, here we come!


We interrupt our regularly scheduled newsletter for this special announcement.

Next week Cordless Recordings invades Austin, Texas's South By Southwest Music Festival and we're dragging four fantastic artists with us: Die Mannequin, Plan B, Skye and our latest signing Gliss,  If you plan to attend SXSW, click on the link below to view our e-card.  See you in Austin!




Jupiter One Joins The Cordless Recordings Family!

The Cordless staff is very excited to announce that post-modern pop band Jupiter One has joined our family.

New York five-piece Jupiter One's fresh sound breathes new life into stale stereotypes of indie rock.  Born out of an urge to create mini-orchestral pieces, Jupiter One has dedicated its life to producing well-designed rock.  Many fans have compared Jupiter One to the early pioneering works of The Police, U2, and the Beatles.  Others have appropriated more modern Brit-rock and Euro-funk associations such as Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, The Beta Band and Daft Punk.

Log on to their MySpace page to listen to "Countdown" and for tour information.

EXPERIENCE Jupiter One on MySpace.com

Look out for the "Countdown" digital single, arriving at digital stores everywhere April 3rd.

www.jupiterone.com - MySpace



Basshunter's "Dota: The Remixes" Available This Tuesday, March 6th!

International YouTube sensation and creator of "Boten Anna," Basshunter, is releasing his latest club anthem, "DotA," in a special remix package.

The "DotA: The Remixes" Digital Maxi Single features the single version, the extened version and a new US only mix, the "Asshunter Remix"!  You do not want to miss this!

Basshunter's debut album, "LOL," featuring "Boten Anna" and "DotA," is available now at your favorite digital store.

Visit Basshunter's YouTube page here.

BUY Basshunter at iTunes

www.basshunter.se - MySpace


Director's "Come With A Friend" In Digital Stores Next Tuesday, March 6th!

Director will release the follow up to their first single, "Reconnect," with the catchy song "Come With A Friend," available Tuesday, March 6th.

Director's music is pop simplicity at its best: boisterous energy mixed with melodic sensibility.  In the words of guitarist Eoin Aherne, "Music is meant to excite people, it's there for people to enjoy.  That's what we try to focus on."

BUY Director at iTunes

LISTEN to Director at MySpace


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