Cordless readies full-length digital releases from Jihad Jerry & The Evildoers, Skye and Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.!


Dangerous Muse grace the cover of the Advocate

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Dance music has almost always been totally about the music and the record. Superstars like Madonna and Donna Summer have been few and far between. Mike Furey and Tom Napack of Dangerous Muse could easily be another exception to the rule. Dangerous Muse have the songs, but they also have the style, looks and unswerving dedication and most of all, the smarts to break through in a big, big way and stay there for a long, long time. I'm betting they can and will do it."

-Seymour Stein, Sire Records

The Electro-Clash scene in New York City was undoubtedly one of the most creatively glamorous, deliciously lascivious and culturally influential pop music movements in recent years, but like most dance music, while ground breaking in its production, it may have lacked a certain emphasis on the art of songwriting.

DANGEROUS MUSE vocalist Mike Furey, a regular at the hottest downtown dance parties, wanted to use that dark, lusty, trashy dance sound he'd absorbed there to write the more personal songs that were gestating in his sub-conscious. DANGEROUS MUSE multi-instrumentalist/composer Tom Napack, relatively new to the scene, was looking for a vocalist and songwriting partner. They got together and immediately knew they had something. Combining the gloomy sexiness of underground New York with a keen sense of song craft and pop drama, DANGEROUS MUSE’s sound is as comfortable on the dance floor as it is the morning after.

New York performances at MisShapes, Scenic, Happy Valley and Crash Mansion began to spread the success of their first single, "The Rejection" and DANGEROUS MUSE was off and running. This is how they captured Mr. Stein's attention and the next thing you know, DM found themselves working on their first commercial release with Ted Ottaviano (Book of Love).

In November 2005, DANGEROUS MUSE released their first EP with Cordless Recordings, the newest addition to the Warner Music Group of labels. The day the EP was available, "The Rejection" soared to # 2 on iTunes top-selling dance charts and stayed at the top of the charts for weeks.

DANGEROUS MUSE are currently working on writing and producing their next Digital EP, which will be available this Summer. In the interim, look for a limited-edition EP called "The Rejection," featuring the original mix, remixes from Eric Kupper and additional remix bonus material.


HUMANWINE appearing LIVE with The Dresden Dolls


"HUMANWINE craft smart, spirited allegories for the modern age. Musical storytelling rife with character, conviction, wit and guts." - Brian Viglione, The Dresden Dolls


The Residents Sign With Cordless Recordings To Release "River Of Crime"

"Should this Bay Area band cease to create art, art should cease to exist."- Village Voice

For over 30 years, The Residents have been musical innovators, visually aware and tech-savvy.  In conjunction with Cordless Recordings, they will release the River of Crime series, starting May 30th, 2006.  This upcoming project is another example of how The Residents push the creative envelope, reaching further into previously uncharted waters to break new ground.

River of Crime is a horrifying, twisted, often hysterical account of a Residents’ friend who has somehow become convinced that crime, like a hacking cough or a ravenous tick, has somehow attached itself to him and now it's closing in for the kill. He says that, in the same way that some people are accident prone or lucky, he has become a crime magnet.

The Residents have no idea if this is true or not, but they do know the guy needs help, if only to get his story out.  By recording him and making it public, they thought it might be good for their friend - maybe even therapeutic.

River Of Crime series starts with five episodes, with more in development and is told in the spirit of the “True Crime” radio broadcasts of days gone by, but with a whole new twist and macabre tone that only The Residents can create.  Consumers can purchase each episode (14-18 minutes each) from popular online retailers (iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, etc…), or by purchasing a special physical CD package to be sold through music retail stores, at cordless.com and at ralphamerica.com (The Residents’ mail order website).

Cordless is a new label working to improve and expand the creation and digital delivery of music entertainment. They thrive on the freedom of independent record making and love the challenge of connecting compelling artists to their audience through the medium of the Internet.  Cordless is the newest member of the Warner Music Group (WMG) family, which includes Atlantic, Elektra, Lava, Maverick, Nonesuch, Reprise, Rhino, East West, Asylum, Sire, Warner Bros and others.

When asked what it meant, having The Residents become the newest member of the Cordless family, Head of Marketing & Sales Howard Wulkan said “there is no greater honor than to work with pioneers in the music industry.  Cordless is about pushing boundaries and The Residents make the perfect partners-in-crime.”

River of Crime Release Dates:
Episode #1: “The Kid Who Collected Crimes”  May 30th, 2006
Episode #2 “Gator Hater!”     June 13th, 2006
Episode #3 “Misdelivered Mummy”    June 27th, 2006
Episode #4 “The Beards”     July 11th, 2006
Episode #5 “Termites From Formosa!”   July 25th, 2006