The Great War


The Great War A Man With Nothing To Do What Is Love For
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1. A Man With Nothing To Do
2. Anywhere I'm Away From You
3. At Home Inside Me
4. You'll Always Walk Alone
5. Can't Let Go of Her Now
6. The Fight to Be Human
7. Ready to Be
8. The Way That it Falls
9. As Long as You Don't Come Back
10. Everyone I Love
11. Baby, You Survived


release date: 05.04.10
The Great War - Out Now

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Justin Currie, the former lead singer of Scottish pop-rock powerhouse Del Amitri, will release his second album The Great War on Ryko on May 4, 2010. This record follows his 2007 solo debut, What Is Love For, acclaimed for its superb songcraft and somber brilliance.  On The Great War, Currie returns with a fresh collection of infectious melodies and ingenious wordplay - a combination of dark lyrical themes melded with a newfound optimism. 

“Lyrically, more often than not, I seem to gravitate towards the ambiguity of feelings, the struggle with motivations and doubt in relationships, self-loathing and disappointment, but with a scintilla of hope, or at least catharsis.  As a songwriter, I use melody to make all of this less maudlin, hopefully, and to create tension,” states Currie.

His first single “A Man With Nothing To Do” is a brilliant result of this craft. Currie evokes a sense of vivacity with its harmonious hooks and upbeat tempos, while at the same time, unveiling a certain complexity and suspicion with his solemn yet endearing lyrics.

The Great War captures Currie’s bittersweet signature sound and continues break new ground throughout the set with unforgettable gems like "The Way That It Falls,” "At Home Inside of Me" and the epic "The Fight to Be Human."  The album’s evocative songs only reinforce Currie’s career as an established solo singer-songwriter.

Justin Currie was still in his teens when he co-founded Del Amitri in his hometown of Glasgow.  Between 1982 and 2002, the band evolved from resourceful D.I.Y. indie combo to international hitmakers, releasing six much-loved studio albums before amicably parting ways. In 2007, Currie released his first solo debut What Is Love For on Ryko. The release grabbed the attention of critics worldwide earning him an appearance on Sundance’s Live From Abbey Road and the #1 Album of Year by Jim Farber at The New York Daily News.