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Press On The Here And The Now

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Sam & Ruby's Rykodisc debut album"The Here & The Now" is available everywhere!

Their song, "Heaven's My Home," is featured in the major motion picture, "The Secret Life of Bees."

Rykodisc welcomes Nashville-based duo Sam & Ruby (Sam Brooker and Ruby Amanfu) to its growing roster. Sam Brooker and Ruby Amanfu are both accomplished artists and songwriters in their own right. In fact, their song, "Heaven's My Home," as performed by The Duhks, was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2007. They met in 1999 at a writer's night in Nashville. The two formed a friendship based on mutual respect for each other's music and penned their first song together, "The Here & The Now." The two would go on to perform the song at each other's shows and the audience immediately embraced them, giving rise to the dynamic duo of Sam & Ruby. Musically their songs represent the "stuff of life." Ruby comments, "We try not to fear honesty in our writing and tackle the things that hurt, the things that aren't always pretty. We wanted this record to be honest and conversational."

As the songs for their debut album began to take shape, Sam & Ruby worked closely with the folks at Combustion Music in Nashville, Tennessee. When Rykodisc heard the final album, there was no question that Sam & Ruby had found a dedicated home.

Sam and Ruby break free from the saturated pack of disheartened singer/songwriters by injecting their songs with messages of uplift and hope. Simply put, it's inspirational.