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Blasting out of the streets of Chinatown, THE NOTORIOUS MSG have arrived with a vengeance. Serving up deep-fried beats straight from the Chinese ghetto, they will not stop until they achieve complete musical destruction.

This is the story of three renegade restaurant workers from the reputed streets of Chinatown, New York City. Pursuing their dreams of rap superstardom, Hong Kong Fever, Down-Lo Mein and The Hunan Bomb fled the harsh ghettos of Asia only to face more hardships as second-class citizens in America. They struggled to earn a living, toiling in the kitchens and risking their lives as Chinese restaurant delivery boys. Facing robberies and beatings on a daily basis, their fight for survival came to a head when an unknown assailant killed one of their original band members, Funky Buddha. This was the last straw; it was time to fight back.

Rising up with a fury, the trio were reborn and The Notorious MSG exploded onto the NYC music scene with a new calling. Once only fighting to defend themselves, they renewed their fight, this time for all their brothers and sisters in the Chinatown ghettos who would never get the chance to realize their dreams.

Facing discrimination as Chinese delivery boys, The Notorious MSG are prepared for the same battle with corporate America. Today, The MSG rise again to challenge yet another foe, the music industry. Seeing how Asians have yet to be accepted as a force in the American music scene, they will continue to unleash their blistering musical buffet and flaunt their unique Asian-American flavor with no apologies. They will not change to fit the corporate mold; it is the image that will change to fit them.

While the MSG Revolution is only just beginning, the three Chinatown Bad Boys with a dream have already developed a presence both nationally and internationally. Their song Dim Sum Girl was downloaded 7,500 times within 48 hours of introduction. Their music video "Straight Out of Canton" was downloaded 92,691 times in the first two weeks following their licensing deal with Comedy Central.

The boys are presently overthrowing the city with their fiery street anthem "Chinatown Hustler," the hot single off their sizzling new music release “LUNCH MONEY.” The new release will also include a new music video featuring an appearance by DJ Cipha Sounds of MTV's Direct Effect and Hot 97 New York. The Notorious MSG have also made appearances on MTV, MTV Chi and Shade 45 Radio with DJ Cipha Sounds. They have been featured in The New York Times, Blender, Time Out NY, GQ Japan, Popeye, Hyphen, Heeb and The BBC News.

The fight for Chinatown continues to spread throughout the nation. Most recently, The MSG are representing their story of struggle and survival in an exclusive documentary featured on Current TV.